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Note from Shannon Brady, Author

Inspiration for The First Reich:
I never had much of an education until I was lucky enough to go to college. I say lucky because people like me usually don’t get to go to college. Poor people, people whose families don’t encourage them, other bad circumstances or all of the above. Although college was the greatest experience of my life, I remember feeling very insecure about my reading/writing level in comparison to my peers. I had no idea what things like “MLA” meant and was often cited for “using slang” or bad grammar. I also had a dictionary near me at all times for all those fancy words that people in academia use to feel smart. I majored in history, and I remember being bored by our textbooks. My love of history came from real stories told from people’s own personal perspectives.One of the best books I ever read in college was Maus, (by Art Spiegelman) which is a graphic novel that tells the story of his father, an Auschwitz survivor. I learned more about the Holocaust from that book than any class, teacher, or documentary. When I learned about a real historic event through someone’s personal story, the dates and events were stuck in my brain. It was almost like living the experience myself, and I actually learned stuff too!People are very interested in the life experience of other people. I believe we are all infinite beings who chose to come here and have a human experience. And whether we remember this or not, we can all agree that we enjoy hearing each others’ stories as well as telling our own story. We love movies, books, anecdotes, jokes, gossip or anything with a story for this very reason.With all of that being said, the story of Wilhelm Reich’s life and work is a story worth hearing. I wanted to make his story accessible to everyone. I thought of Maus and decided to take a stab at writing a graphic novel.Why Reich?

Despite the fact that Reich lived an interesting life and was generally an interesting guy, both him and his work are hardly known. I initially discovered him when researching Chemtrails. If you don’t know what Chemtrails are, you can Google them and find all sorts of stuff. I won’t go into too much detail, but those planes that fly high in the sky almost every day and leave lines of smoke/clouds have aroused all sorts of conspiracy theories. Not because there is smoke, but because it lingers in the air for hours and is clearly not the natural contrails of normal planes or jets. I take anything I read online with a grain of salt, but my gut tells me that something is wrong with this picture. I will let you decide based on your own research.
Upon reading about Chemtrails, people mentioned Reich’s cloudbuster as a way to combat the Chemtrails. That was my doorway to the whole universe of Wilhelm Reich and his theories and research. The most intriguing part of the story is the cover up and obvious attempt to rid the world of all his research. Whenever any government goes out of its way to silence a person, there is a damn good reason. And when I say “good reason” I don’t mean good for humanity. Reich discovered a potential free energy source. Not only discovered, but thoroughly researched and demonstrated using all conventional scientific methods. He also demonstrated this energy to potentially cure cancer, and cure any imbalance in the Earth’s atmosphere. Even if he was dead wrong, why go out of the way to destroy his work? Why not let him be wrong?
Imagine a world where all energy was free and available to everyone easily. It would be a lot more difficult to control people, start wars or promote the idea of scarcity, wouldn’t it? Conspiracy theories aside, we can all agree that the forces of love are not currently governing our planet. Poverty, war, sickness, greed; I don’t need to spell it out for you as I imagine you live here too.
I am firm believer in hope for humanity to evolve to a level of reason, compassion and abundance. Despite the sad ending to many stories like Reich’s, we are not hopeless as long as we continue to exist. Reich made a phenomenal contribution to humanity, and will hopefully be recognized for this one day. His daughter Eva, was crucial to the preservation of his work. She is the reason we have anything to read at all, and should be honored as such. Both Wilhelm and Eva Reich were tremendous human beings, and I wanted to make them (at least a little) more famous.


Copyright 2012 by Shannon Brady and G. E. Gallas